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Customer Reviews for The Flaming Lips

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A Much Needed Blast of Positive Vibes

Weezy from Orlando, Florida
16th October 2022

We just got through heavy flooding and various hardships after Hurricane Ian. This show healed us from all the anxiety and stress and we are so very grateful for Wayne and the band and all the positivity they delivered. The world needs more joy like this!


Jacob from Atlanta, Georgia
16th October 2022

What a monumental performance. I would go watch that show over and over again. I appreciate the conversation between songs as you get a glimpse into what is important to the artist. 10/10 would recommend. They never disappoint.

Joyous wall of sound

Courtney from Tucson, Arizona
25th August 2021

Wayne Coyne and his band delivered! It was a 3-bubble show (Coyne switched out the giant bubble he performed in 3 times). It was quite the irony that his signature bubble in COVID times symbolized something else too: he wanted to protect himself and the audience by staying in the bubble. Gorgeous walls of sound and joy in their performance. Raining down confetti, silly string, bubbles and pulsating light show got everyone into the playful psychedelic vibe. Greer was a great opening act as well -- sweet harmonizing combined with good ole rocking out guitar riffs. Thank you Flaming Lips and Greer! What a treat!

Musically excellent

Not Q from Denver, Colorado
27th April 2022

Having seen The Flaming Lips on several occasions I will agree that the gaps in the show & the repeated exhortations to scream were out of character & slightly uncomfortable at times. However in my opinion musically speaking Wayne & the band sounded fantastic. The background imagery added colorful dynamic visual layers to the performance. Overall an exhilarating joyful celebration that everyone in my vicinity (myself included) seemed to enjoy immensely. Very welcome after a rather extended period of isolation. Also a shout out to Particle Kid, the opening act, a great set from a group I’d never heard of but will now be following.


Skim from Minneapolis, Minnesota
16th July 2023

This was my first FL show. After watching videos of other concerts by them I was expecting a bubble, a confetti gun, maybe a flying Wayne Coyne on cables… none of which materialized. And the fact that Wayne kept on asking for screams from the crowd was kind of embarrassing; it felt like a guy with a large ego wasn’t getting enough attention. Just do a great performance, Wayne, and the screams will come!! Don’t make yourself look like a beggar who is humiliated… I’m not sure I would pay so much again to see them live. Maybe just wait for a well-produced documentary to watch on my TV.

Rough night

Cristina from Lee, MA
14th November 2021

I was really looking forward to this show! Brought my 13-year-old son with me for his first ever concert (outside of the lawn at Tanglewood). I have seen the Lips 4 or 5 times through the years, and it’s always such a joyous, sensational party that sets me free and has me smiling for weeks! This was not that, at all. The gaps between songs (to inflate or deflate the colorful and wonderful props that Lips fans count on), took anywhere from 2-4 minutes….during which time Wayne would tell the audience to “scream” and “get on your feet”. We obliged, only to have to wait several more minutes for the music to start for the next song. This scenario occurred at least 6 times, and became very uncomfortable. It was weird to hype up the crowd to silence, then more silence, and then he would talk about something low key and then tell us to scream. Wayne was wicked chill, not at all warranting the type of response from the crowd that he was repeatedly asking for. And all the while we could hear the leaf blower whirring air into the next inflatable. It was clunky and awkward. The Flaming Lips, for me, are all about the feeling you get by being surrounded in the color/music explosion (even on ballads and mellow moments…). Every experience I have ever had seeing them live has been special and beautiful. This was a forced and bazaar night, honestly. Not something I ever imagined a seasoned group like the Lips would present. Super duper disappointed.