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Jacob Collier

Finished May 19

Arlington Theatre

The young jazz fusion aficionado brings his sophomore album Dejesse to US shores

Jacob Collier

Finished May 19

Arlington Theatre

The young jazz fusion aficionado brings his sophomore album Dejesse to US shores

Why see Jacob Collier?

Jacob Collier Brings His Insightful Arrangements To US Shores

At the age of 17, London-based crossover jazz muso Jacob Collier gained a firm international following thanks to his uploads of multi-track, one-man covers of classic songwriters like Bacharach, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson as well as experimental originals. The inspiring young musician managed to parlay this early success into a budding career, based on a keen ear for jazz harmony and arrangement, that's seen him graduate from Youtube prodigy to veteran performer with stints on the stages of prestigious venues like London's Royal Albert Hall and beyond.

Now 24 years of age, Collier is gearing up to continue his tour in support of his sophomore album Djesse, which has not only resonated with his considerable online following (his videos have over three million views each and counting) but won the endorsement of the likes of Quincy Jones, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea and KD Lang amongst others. Combining virtuosity, versatility, energy and a can-do attitude (the maestro still records his videos from the back room of his parents house in his home town), Collier continues to churn out ear-turning songs, making the often hallowed realm of jazz and its concepts accessible to a whole new generation of young listeners.

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Finished May 19


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Mary Porter


Virtuoso performance. One of the Best concerts ever - he’s a polymath. ... Read more


Jacob Collier dazzles at History Toronto May 10

I saw Jacob Collier's 2nd show of May 10, as a guest of someone who knew his YouTubes. What I saw was awe-inspiring freshness and brilliance, a real tour-de-force of coming up with something completely new and needed. Jacob's trademark mix of complex harmonies and time signatures did pas-de-deux with the basic hard funk and ballad-rock genres being saluted, and basic lovesong lyrics also helped keep up the popular touch. If Frank Zappa had been about fun, not satire, he could have touched this musical thread -- otherwise, the perceptible complexity license influences from Gentle Giant to Bohemian Rhapsody to Good Vibrations to classical and jazz are pretty remote, though much appreciated. Soulful, brainful, witty, and he seems a damn good guy, and his band or accompanists and crew are tippity top notch. The venue, History, needs to eliminate the Boeing 747 washroom hand dryers that added huge unwanted background noise to the quiet bits. ... Read more


Jacob Collier at the Showbox

I've never been to a more interactive show than the one last night. Jacob used the audience as another instrument, directing their singing on several songs. Sound was fantastic and Jacob's virtuosity was apparent throughout, supported with a fantastic band. He asked how many in the audience were musicians and probably 60%+ raised their hands. Jazz chord voicings and various time signatures were appreciated by all. His layers vocals (as well as the Portuguese keyboardist/vocalist, she was amazing!) soared through a range that was amazing. His music has so much emotional appeal and color, it was so much more than showing off musical chops. ... Read more


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